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Fiscal Sponsorship

Want to have a social impact, but need organizational structure? Civic San Diego’s fiscal agency services may just be the answer you are searching for.

About Civic San Diego’s Fiscal Sponsorship

Civic San Diego’s core strategy is to build public private partnerships to:

  • Advance community goals through public improvements
  • Provide affordable housing, mixed-use and transit oriented development
  • Foster livable communities and healthy neighborhoods
  • Nurture small business and stimulate job creation

As such, Civic San Diego is uniquely qualified to support your charitable interests in the community. As your fiscal agent, we can assist you in your charitable giving by receiving corporate sponsorships, foundation grants, or individual donations destined for non or for-profit organizations with community development initiatives.


Interested organizations soliciting Civic San Diego’s assistance in serving as their fiscal agent must complete a Fiscal Sponsorship Application (99KB PDF) along with a Term Sheet. Applications will be reviewed for consistency with the program guidelines and then presented to Civic San Diego’s Board of Directors for final approval to enter into a formal Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.


Civic San Diego shall verify that the organization’s mission and the proposed use of the charitable award are consistent with Civic San Diego’s strategic goals. Organizations must also be fiscally sound and in good standing within the community. Applications may also be reviewed by legal counsel or tax experts to verify adherence to IRS requirements. Civic San Diego will also ensure compliance with the U.S. Government Patriot Act.

*Please note the Civic San Diego itself does not give funding grants through the fiscal sponsorship program, and sponsored projects are entirely responsible for their own funding.


Fiscal agency fees are established by Civic San Diego’s Board of Directors and is currently set at 10% of the charitable award.

For Additional Information

Contact Gustavo Bidart, Civic San Diego’s Economic & Community Development Manager at 619.533.7100 or via email

Fiscal Sponsorship Application (99KB PDF)

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