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Downtown Community Parking District


Formed in 1997, the Downtown Community Parking District (DCPD) was established by the San Diego City Council as a mechanism to reinvest parking meter revenue back into the community with the goal of mitigating parking and mobility impacts. Council Policy 100-18, the guiding document which established Community Parking Districts, specifies how parking meter revenues shall be expended through various programs and projects. As administrator of the DCPD, Civic SD’s initiatives include increasing the parking supply, managing the existing parking inventory, monitoring and analyzing parking meter utilization, providing recommendations regarding parking meter rates, times, hours of operations and locations, providing mobility information through wayfinding or media, providing funding for community shuttles or circulator systems and facilitating the use of alternative forms of transportation to reduce parking demand.

General Information

A Community Parking District Implementation Plan is prepared each year for the Downtown Community Parking District (DCPD) with the adoption of an annual plan and budget by Civic San Diego and the City of San Diego. The development of the implementation plan is an opportunity for the parking district to specify priorities and strategies for each fiscal year by adhering to Council Policy 100-18, the Downtown Comprehensive Parking Plan, Downtown Community Plan, Downtown San Diego Mobility Plan and community needs. Please click on the links below for more information:

Implementation Plan (i.e. FY17 annual plan & budget)
Mobility Plan

Comprehensive Parking Plan



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