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Public Works

Public Works Overview Statement:

Civic San Diego’s (“CivicSD”) Public Works Projects consist of a variety of project types and public funding sources. Projects include parks, fire stations, streetscape improvements, landscape enhancements, traffic calming improvements, and overall pedestrian and bicycle friendly environments for the public to enjoy. Funding for the projects comes from parking district revenue, development impact fees, bond funds, former redevelopment funds and grant funds.

Recently Completed Projects

  1. San Diego High School Crossing.
  2. Downtown Wayfinding Signage Program.
  3. Horton Plaza Improvement Project
  4. Island Avenue Popouts. 
  5. Beta Street Green Alley
  6. Lyceum Theater Renovation

Under Construction

  1. Fire Station No. 2. To view construction progress, click here
  2. Southcrest Trails Park
  3. City Heights Sidewalk and Streetlight Improvements (Colina Park).
  4. El Cajon Blvd. Sidewalk Improvements.
  5. Nimitz/Rosecrans Intersection Improvements. For additional information, click here


  1. 14th Street Promenade
  2. East Village Green (Phase 1)
  3. Park Boulevard At-Grade Crossing
  4. Children’s Park
  5. Imperial Avenue Streetscape Improvements

CivicSD’s Public Works Department is committed to providing the upmost professional engineering services including design, construction management, and program management for the development of public infrastructure and facilities on behalf of the City of San Diego and the general public while maintaining an expeditious and cost effective process to implement projects at the highest degree of quality.

For CivicSD Public Works Professional Services and Construction Contracting Opportunities, click here.

For City of San Diego Contracting Opportunities, click here.

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