Building Great Urban Neighborhoods. Together.

Real Estate Management

Civic San Diego (“CivicSD”) has been facilitating the building of better neighborhoods in downtown and southeastern San Diego since 2012 with the dissolution of redevelopment. In the real estate development and deployment of assets, CivicSD strives to accomplish several goals as outlined:

  • Economic growth and prosperity by maximizing the real estate assets value through community benefits, sales and property tax revenues benefiting the City, County, schools and other taxing entities, job and employment creation, and overall development of blighted properties;
  • Affordable housing providing mixed income including workforce housing, targeted at ending homelessness and providing other affordable housing projects and programs for residents;
  • Commercial development of local communities, business retention and new business attraction, providing retail goods and services;
  • Public improvements and infrastructure in neighborhoods lacking sufficient public amenities or correcting infrastructure deficits, including street lights, ADA infrastructure, paving and drainage facilities, and parks;
  • Public parks, recreation and open space for residents with emphasis on safety, security and accessibility for all, through connection with mobility plan improvements, public transit, pedestrian friendly paths and bikeway; and
  • Alignment with City and other initiatives including the Climate Action Plan (CAP), storm water, historic preservation, and various others.

In order to achieve these goals, CivicSD includes several these guiding principles and goals in each Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) as it deploys the real estate assets. Additionally, through community benefit agreements or various transactional documents, the real estate staff negotiate with the responding parties to solidify specific project benefits. Each deployed real estate asset project is subject to approval by the City Council.

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