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Civic San Diego Downtown Interactive Map


As of Monday, July 22, 2019 Civic San Diego will no longer be accepting applications for land use or development permits within the Downtown Community Planning Area outside of the Coastal Zone. All applications will need to be submitted to the City of San Diego Development Services Department at:

City Operations Building
Third Floor
1222 First Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Appointments are recommended. To schedule an appointment, please call (619) 446-5300.
Civic San Diego will still process applications within the Coastal Zone of Downtown until the State of California Coastal Commission certifies the recently adopted amendments to the San Diego Municipal Code, anticipated in Fall 2019.

For information regarding zoning, development regulations, and new development proposals, please continue to contact Brad Richter, Deputy Director, Urban Division, City of San Diego, at (619)533-7115 or or any of the planners you have previously worked with at the Planning Division of Civic San Diego listed below which are in the process of transitioning to the City of San Diego.

Click Here to Explore the Civic San Diego Downtown Interactive Map

The Civic San Diego Downtown Interactive Map provides the public with a way to connect, interact, and learn about Downtown development, serve as a public resource for zoning and land use, and explore our key long-range planning initiatives. Civic San Diego is dedicated to providing the most current information and will make every reasonable effort to update the map regularly.

The Civic San Diego Downtown Interactive Map has four operational layers that can be used to explore the data. On each layer, check or uncheck categories in the dropdown menus to view them on the map:

Project Status Layer Explore projects by their development status.
Project Type Layer Explore projects by their land use type.
Zoning Maps Layer To find zoning information, expand the dropdown menu and select a map.
More Information To view the legend and learn more about how to use the map, click the “About” icon in the upper right corner.


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For more information about the Civic San Diego Downtown Interactive Map and GIS data, please contact Nicole Pare, Junior Planner, by email or by telephone at 619.533.7180.